Frequently Asked Questions

Can I skip the success plan?

No, the success plan is a prerequisite for all inbound plans. It is a comprehensive process that provides the info necessary to achieve your primary business goals, dreams, and aspirations as we deliver our inbound marketing strategy.

What are my responsibilities as the client?

This will vary depending on the project, and your preference. However, we have very clear guidelines with our partners around attending scheduled meetings, providing access to required materials, platforms, and continuous feedback/approvals.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?

No! It takes time to see results, so we work with our clients on a 12-month basis. We understand things change, and won’t hold you hostage to a lengthy contract. If you need to leave, we’ll respect that, though we do ask for 30-day notification and compensation for the work we’ve completed on your behalf.

Is the onboarding different from the success plan?

Yes, the onboarding phase is separate from the success plan. Think of the success plan as a discovery and planning phase, while the onboarding is the hands-on setup phase required before we can execute on all of our monthly commitments.